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Click the yellow diamonds to explore key locations and landmarks inside the world of Albion.
Now Avaliable on Demand - Watch Ablion here
Click the yellow diamonds to explore key locations and landmarks inside the world of Albion.
Now Avaliable on Demand - Watch Ablion here
Click the yellow diamonds to explore key locations and landmarks inside the world of Albion.
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THE Cave of Revelation

At the based of the Wicklen Mountains, and nestled between the above-ground world ruled by the Milesians, and the underground prison of the Danann, the Cave of Revelation is a neutral world where everything appears as it truly is.  All secrets are revealed.  No truths are hidden.  One of the four sacred Danann treasures, the Scepter of Truth, was hewn from the ancient stones within the Cave of Revelation.  Inside her walls, a diminutive race of erudites tend to the Cave and host visitors who happen upon her.

Eyes of Judgment

On the Northeastern shore of Albion, past KuRael, the lands of the gentle Kukeri, lies a cave purported to possess the Eyes of Judgment – a portal to the mystical world of the Abbess.

Explore The Abbess' Hovel

Druid Monastery

Just past the Dorillian Crag, the fallen Druid Monastery is a painful reminder of the Age of The Danann, when peace ruled Albion, spiritual beliefs were respected and revered, and walls went up to welcome guests of all races and species at lively banquets – not to keep invaders at bay.  The Monastery was the first Danann sanctuary to be sacked, her art destroyed and her beautiful stone walls savaged.  But, to this day, the Druid Monastery holds a very special secret…one our trio of heroes will seek out.

The Milesian Fortress

General Eeder built his imposing Milesian Fortress in the heart of ALBION, quite literally carved into the Belogradchik rocks and surrounded on three sides by the Magmell Mountains.  From this high vantage point, Eeder and his evil henchman Eremon are able to detect changes in the weather that signify potential invaders.  Thought to be impenetrable, the Brothers Dunn once tunneled from the underground world of the Danann directly into the Fortress in order to retrieve sacred Danann treasures.  Legend holds that one of the brothers succeeded in rescuing the Book of Healing before disappearing into the Dorillian Mountains to the North.  The other brother was mortally wounded and has not been heard from since.

The Abbess' Hovel

The Abbess’s Hovel lies in a multiverse, neither Earth nor Albion.  Protected by a hidden portal, the Hovel is surrounded by a magical woodland and provides the sanctuary the Abbess needs to safeguard the Flame of Knowledge from those who would use its powers to harm others.


More prison than home, the underground world in which the Danann have been forced to dwell is a stark and unforgiving terrain.  Without sunlight, the Danann can not grow their own provisions.  Pale and thin, they are weakened in body, but not in spirit.  The Queen has ensured the Danann use their time underground to focus on strengthening relationships among families and friends…a daunting task for a Queen who has lost so many of her own.

Evie's Journey Begins

The Danann

After the fall, when the Danann people were imprisoned underground, they relied on a passage in the Treaty in order to survive. Meant by The Abbess as a tiny grain of hope that some day the two sides might find peace, she included in the Treaty a FIVE DAY window during each Harvest Moon where THREE individuals from each side may cross the barrier to meet or trade with the opposing side.

The five-day window is strictly enforced by the magic of the Treaty, and if a Danann or Milesian remains on the wrong side of the barrier after the five days are completed, they will be claimed by the earth itself and permanently become part of the Land of Albion until the magic barrier is lifted.

Each Harvest Moon, the Danann chose three courageous men and women to venture above ground and bring back food and provisions for their people. These brave chosen ones are called…THE FORAGERS.

Albion can be a very dangerous place for Danann above ground. The Milesians will not hesitate to harm any Danann they find above ground, regardless of what the Treaty says.

“The Treaty never said anything about being nice.” – General Eeder

One year, during The Harvest Moon, The Brothers Dunn used the five-day window in an attempt to sneak into the Milesian Fortress and take back the stolen Danann treasures. They were caught, and attacked, and neither were ever heard from again. But, oddly, ever since that dark day, only two Foragers have been allowed to pass through the barrier each Harvest Moon.

Tragically, during the most recent Harvest Moon, the two brave Danann Foragers who climbed from the underground world to retrieve food and supplies did not return on the fifth day, thus prompting Eriu to leave the safety of the underworld and seek them out.


The Kukeri are otherworldly creatures that eschew the warlike ways of man. They travel in nomadic societies, living off the abundance the land has to offer. For generations, they watched outside kingdoms rise and fall, and they gazed from afar, happy in their tranquility.

During a particularly long, harsh winter season, The Kukeri began to starve. Against the judgment of the many of the elders, The Kukeri began trading with The Danann, who treated The Kukeri with the deepest of respect.

A deep divide began amongst the Kukeri, splitting them into two tribes: those who would stay in the East and maintain peaceful relations with The Danann, and those who set out to the West, demanding isolation above all things. The Kukeri in the East, in an attempt to never starve again, abandoned their nomadic ways and settled in plains above the Wicklen Mountains, which they named Ku Rael (which means “Sweet Wind”).

The Kukeri who carved their way West struggled for many decades, never shedding the life of nomadic hunters, and eventually coming to occupy the harsh swamplands in the Southwest region of Albion on the shore of The Blue Sea, which they called Ku Dain (which means “Soggy Tree”….The Ku Dain Kukeri leaders wanted to name their land something much scarier sounding, but unfortunately there are no scary words native to the Kukeri language. )

When the Milesians came to Albion and The Great War began, General Eeder gifted weapons and armor to the Kukeri of Ku Dain, hoping they would help destroy The Danann. What he did not plan on was that the Kukeri of Ku Dain believed firmly in their separatist dogma and once gifted the weapons of war, the Kukeri disappeared back into the swamplands of Ku Dain, never to be seen again. Milesians who attempted to contact the Ku Dain Kukeri were never heard from again.

The Eastern Kukeri from Ku Rael, who had attempted to aid their Danann allies in little ways, found themselves victims of Milesian wrath and raids, and in the end they chose to withdraw into their plains as well, and let war fall where it may.

After the fall and the imprisonment of The Danann, it was not uncommon for a lost Danann forager, camping at the edge of the Kukerian Sea to awake and find several small grass baskets full of food and provisions lying nearby. The Kukeri never forget kindness, and The Danann were friends when they needed them so many years ago during that cold, cold winter season.